Vogue S’pore magazine violates content guidelines 4 times in 2 years for nudity and content promoting non-traditional families – Mothership.SG

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vogue singaporea fashion magazine that airs here, repeatedly violated content guidelines for nudity and content promoting non-traditional families for two years.

As a result, he was slapped with a stern warning and had his license shortened from one year to six months, The time of the straits reported.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI) said ST the revocation of the one-year license takes effect from October 14, 2022.

vogue singapore re-applied and MCI has since issued him a six-month permit.

An MCI spokesperson said ST: “MCI has delivered vogue singapore a stern warning and shortened the permit for vogue singapore from one year to six months, as he had violated local lifestyle magazine content guidelines four times in the past two years, for nudity and content promoting non-traditional families. »

The content guidelines have remained the same during the period that vogue singapore violated them, the MCI spokesperson added.

As part of the licensing conditions, the magazine is required to adhere to guidelines that include not undermining prevailing social standards.


Similar violations have happened before.

Local art review Republic art had his license shortened in 2014 for two serious violations of content guidelines for religiously insensitive and disparaging content, the MCI spokesperson said.

Women’s magazine Cleo in 2008, and men’s magazine Singapore FHM in 1998, had committed repeated breaches.

These violations concerned content about sex, nudity and the promotion of promiscuity and a permissive lifestyle.

Media Publishares, which has an office in Syed Alwi Road, publishes vogue singapore.

He also publishes Squire and Robb Report.

On Vogue Singapore’s “About” page, a link to read more about the title leads to the vogue page on the Condé Nast website.

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