This Day in Wine History launches the first online magazine for wine and history lovers

The magazine offers a unique point of view at the crossroads of wine and history

Willamette Valley, Oregon – (Newsfile Corp. – July 7, 2022) – This day in wine history launches the first online magazine for wine and history lovers. The new online magazine features curated articles, product reviews and fascinating intersections between wine and its strange history. The platform will be the first of its kind to feature articles written on specific calendar dates that expose historical events, people and places that have special connections to wine and wine history. Each item’s mix of wine, history and culture will help form a new community of wine lovers.

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Online magazine “This day in the history of wine”

Magazine founder Ken Wytsma said, “Wine has a rich history that we want to share with as many people as possible. Drinking wine is like consuming history. They say you can talk about any civilization with reference to wine, grain, or goats. In addition to these historic wine-themed articles, This day in wine history will also offer its community of readers exclusive access to subscription wine services as well as online products, wine sponsorship programs, educational courses and wine history books such as This Day in Colonial Wine History and This day in the history of French wine.

Wytsma is passionate about educating people about wine culture and history. The publication covers the history of wine, with articles broken down by day to easily find information about what happened on a specific day in history. The articles are well researched and there is an in-depth section covering longer essays for a deeper dive into the history of wine and its turning points.

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Online magazine “This day in the history of wine”

Wine lovers can explore the origins of various grape varieties to how wine is made today. Content includes wine varieties and regions, country profiles, food and wine. The website also includes profiles of different countries, with information about their culture and wine history. Readers can learn more about food and wine pairings, as well as tips on how to taste wine like a pro.

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Ken Wytsma, founder of “This day in the history of wine”

About Ken Wytsma

Award-winning author and theologian Ken Wytsma is a man of many talents and interests. He lived abroad and developed a love of history from an early age. After studying philosophy and religion at the doctoral school, he launched several projects in the field of justice and spirituality, including teaching postgraduate courses on the history of human rights, the philosophy and creativity in various colleges and universities around the world. Wytsma also founded The Justice Conference, which has spread to 11 countries around the world. He is the author of five books, one of which was named one of the top five religion books of the year by Publisher’s Weekly.

In addition to his work in the field of justice, Wytsma’s love of history has led him into the field of wine education, where he lectures extensively on wine-related topics throughout America. North. As a Pinot Noir enthusiast, he has long been drawn to the Oregon wine region. He now lives in the Willamette Valley and is proud to say his entire family is involved in the wine business. His passions for history, education and wine are now brought together in Wine History Tours and This Day in Wine History.

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