The town of Poultney adopts a new brand image

Vermont Business Magazine The Poultney Select Board recently adopted a new branding developed by a working group of community volunteers and Castleton University’s Content Lab. The new branding includes official typefaces, a logo, a color scheme and a new slogan for the city: “Heart of the Slate Valley”. You may soon see it on road signs, letterhead, websites, social media and more!

The logo was developed over the past year by the Goal 4 Working Group of the city’s Recreational Economy Planning for Rural Communities (ERRC) project, with the “Goal Champion” Nic Stark, guiding the process. The Castleton University task force and students worked hard to create a brand image for the town and to ensure that community outreach was an important part of the design process.

The branding effort and its new logo has been supported by many local organizations, including the Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce, the Poultney Town Center Revitalization Committee, the Rotary Club of Poultney, the Historical Society of Poultney and Stone Valley Arts. These organizations served as de facto “review boards” for branded products, helped the task force develop the design, and supported its adoption by the city, expressed in letters of support stating,

  • “The Chamber believes that the logo designed is representative of the city, including its historical heritage. The shape of the letters suggests historical fonts. Poultney Area Chamber of Commerce
  • “Beyond the merits of the design itself, we are no less impressed with the steps Nic and his colleagues have taken to involve a wide range of stakeholders in the process leading to its creation.” Poultney Town Center Revitalization Committee
  • “Nic Stark spent a lot of time with the archives of the Historical Society, going through Poultney Diaries of the 19th and 20th centuries looking at the fonts. The chosen font looks the same as those newspapers from over 100 years ago. Poultney Historical Society
  • “The Poultney Rotary Club recognizes the importance of a branding initiative within the town to attract new residents and visitors throughout the year as we navigate an identity tied to outdoor recreation, traditions strengths and historical preservation. Rotary Club of Poultney

The City looks forward to proudly displaying its new logo and is very grateful to the RERC Task Force and Content Lab at Castleton University for organizing this all-volunteer effort to stimulate economic activity and support the revitalization of the community. To learn more, visit:

About the recreational economy for rural communities: “The Recreation Economy Planning Assistance for Rural Communities program helps communities identify strategies to develop their outdoor recreation economy and revitalize their main streets. It is sponsored by the USDA Forest Service, the Northern Boundary Regional Commission, and the EPA. More information here:

About Castleton University’s Content Lab: “Castleton University’s Department of Media and Communications is creating a ‘Content Lab’ for the first time at the university, which will pair students with local businesses and nonprofits to tell their stories and reach a wider audience for their products and services. More information here: