The overview: climbing robot

A new climbing robot has been developed and built by Birmingham-based HausBots with help from WMG at the University of Warwick.

The device, which is now on the market, is designed to help reduce the need to work at height, which is a common cause of workplace injuries. HausBots’ goal is to use technology to protect and nurture the built environment.

The innovative robot can climb vertical surfaces and be used for tasks such as inspecting, cleaning and maintaining buildings and infrastructure.

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The robot has undergone extensive electromagnetic compatibility testing to ensure that its fans, which essentially fix it to the surface and prevent it from falling, are working properly.

Dr David Norman, from the WMG SME Group at the University of Warwick, says WMG’s facilities and expertise have helped HausBots develop a market-ready product that has already done a lot of work, like painting and cleaning up graffiti on the ‘spaghetti junction’ road interchange in Birmingham. .

HausBots has sold its first robot to a Singapore company and Jack Corne, CEO and co-founder, says: “We hope to continue our work with WMG at the University of Warwick to make more robots for other uses that can reduce harm to humans. .”

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