Tentoma Develops New XL Power Wrapping Machine – Nonwovens Industry Magazine

Tentoma, specialist in the sealed packaging of nonwoven rolls, launches a new XL Power packaging machine that allows the sealed packaging of nonwoven rolls up to 19 meters in length. For wrapping shorter rolls, XL Power can stretch the film for even more products per wrapping cycle, increasing wrapping speed. The first XL Power is built and sold to replace an orbital wrapper. It is a packaging line at a production site, where it will pack products of various sizes, up to 13.5 meters in length.

The XL Power wrapping machine has more forces to stretch the film. This means XL Power can load and stretch even more film onto the gripper arms during the wrapping process. This opens up opportunities for more packaging improvements. The most obvious is the increase in the maximum length of products, which can now be packed and protected by 100% waterproof packaging. Depending on the shape of the product and the thickness of the film, it is now possible to wrap and seal products up to 19 meters in length. This is a 50% increase in product length compared to the standard RoRo StretchPack XL machine.

Another advantage of XL Power is increased packing speed. The ability to load and stretch even more film on the gripper arms increases wrapping speed when using the “Semi-flow wrapping” principle. ‘Semi-flow wrapping’ allows several products to be wrapped in succession before the machine needs to load more film onto the gripper arms. XL Power can load and stretch even more film on the gripper arms, so it is possible to pack even more products in a row compared to the XL machine. A comparison between XL and XL Power shows that when the XL machine packs 210 products per hour, the new XL Power machine packs 260 products. This means an increase in packing speed of approximately 25% when using XL Power.

Technically speaking, the new XL Power is a reinforced version of the proven RoRo StretchPack XL packaging machine. The main improvements made to the XL Power machine are: It is equipped with stronger and longer gripper arms to load more film; motors have become more powerful to stretch even more film; and the steel construction became stronger to withstand the increased tensile forces. Like all RoRo StretchPack machines, XL Power will be tailored to the specific production line and packaging needs.