Sultan: Find calm in the pages of a magazine | lifestyles

I was browsing the newsstand of an airport store during a recent flight delay.

A headline on prevention caught my attention: “Find Calm,” he said, in big bold turquoise blue letters. The cover showed a single green leaf resting on a tiny ripple of water.

If a magazine was a musician, it would be Yanni, the king of easy-to-listen instrumentals. Yanni is a talented songwriter and keyboardist, but I’ve never listened to one of his albums or even a full song. A little too New Agey and mellow for my taste. And yet, I was drawn to this Yanni-style magazine with a leaf as a cover model. Once upon a time, I was drawn to seducers like Glamor or Elle.

Now it’s Prevention. The demographics for this post are middle-aged women trying to prevent a number of the inevitabilities of aging – wrinkles, stress, weight gain. Maybe I was taken by the teasers at the bottom of the cover. Live mindfully, relieve pain and anxiety; Re-educate your brain, stop stress before it starts; Be kind to yourself, calm your inner critic. For the vast majority of women, especially working mothers, the past two years have been a pressure cooker of stress and anxiety. These promises sounded so alluring.

“60 Simple Ideas to Feel Happy Every Day,” the top right corner teased. The message took me at a vulnerable moment.