Signify works with relief agencies on Ukrainian lighting needs

Signify is working with several global relief agencies to help identify the lighting needs of Ukrainian refugees and people inside the war-torn country, where it also provides “unrestricted financial support” to employees, said a spokesperson. LED magazine.

Unlike many companies in other industries, Signify has not shut down its operations in Russia. It assesses its activities there in terms of the effects on employees and customers, while firmly adhering to international sanctions, the spokesperson said.

Signify, the world’s largest lighting company, is believed to derive a notable amount of revenue from Russia, where storefront accounts have included various horticultural facilities.

Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, a move widely condemned by the rest of the world. The murderous aggression has caused devastating difficulties inside Ukraine. As of this writing, 1.7 million Ukrainians have fled the country.

A non-profit arm of Signify called the Signify Foundation “works with the UN Refugee Agency, the UN Population Fund, GlobalMedic and the Philips Foundation to identify lighting needs for relief and l assistance inside and outside Ukraine,” the Signify spokesperson said.

She didn’t say how much Signify has already sent lighting, or how much might be in store.

Signify Foundation is a registered charity in the Netherlands, founded in 2017. Its largest donor is Signify.

The group’s mission is to bring light to disadvantaged populations and off-grid areas around the world. It serves emergency humanitarian situations and promotes education, training and employment opportunities to help offset social imbalances. His projects often involve solar-powered LED lighting.

Here is the full statement that Signify sent to LEDs over the weekend, after we asked last week how the company was responding and how employees were affected by the war:

“Significant statement on the war in Ukraine

At Signify, we value peace, unity and humanity above all else. We unequivocally condemn the devastating war in Ukraine and are extremely concerned and saddened by the loss of life and the impact on the civilian population.

Our activities have been interrupted in Ukraine and our top priority is to support our Signify teams and their families. We stay in daily contact with all our employees in Ukraine and monitor their security conditions. We provide unrestricted financial support to our Ukrainian employees and their families, depending on individual circumstances. We also support our Ukrainian colleagues in Poland and Hungary, many of whom are seeking to reunite with their families. We are deeply touched by the support provided by Signify Poland employees in arranging transfers, food and accommodation for people arriving at the Ukrainian/Polish border. These colleagues are setting up a dedicated fund to support Ukrainian employees and their families living in Poland. It is an illustration of our values ​​and our strong culture of mutual aid and solidarity.

The Signify Foundation is working simultaneously with the UN Refugee Agency, the UN Population Fund, GlobalMedic and the Philips Foundation to identify lighting needs for relief and assistance indoors and outdoors. outside of Ukraine.

This humanitarian issue will inevitably evolve into a development challenge. Signify is committed to supporting a sustainable recovery in Ukraine and neighboring countries. Our thoughts are with Ukraine and the millions of people whose lives are affected by this tragedy. We will continue to stick together and support them in any way we can, now and in the future.

After several decades of presence in Russia, it is very important for us to monitor the situation with regard to our employees and customers there. As a global organization, we are currently reviewing the implications of the recently announced sanctions and are strictly and fully adhering to them.

Signify employs nearly 37,000 people of 96 nationalities. Our peoples all over the world are and will remain united and united in the face of this appalling situation. »

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