Read it now… Electrical Business Magazine April 2022

April 22, 2022 – The April 2022 edition of Electrical Business Magazine is here! Here’s a preview of the great content you’ll find inside…

The story of a man with a plan… for a zoo, and his poo
The Toronto Zoo turns manure into revenue.

Recognizing electrical injuries remains an uphill battle
“People struggle to be accepted and recognized as having had an electrical injury.”

Estimate 101
5 Common Takeoff Mistakes

The LED renovation project bears fruit for the Gatineau shopping center
The 242,000 square foot Carrefour du Plateau converts the parking lot to LED lighting.

Support the evaluation of new solutions
The IESO’s Grid Innovation Fund supports innovation in the electricity sector.

Code file
What is equipotential grounding?

Correcting Commercial Power Quality Misconceptions
Power quality is vital as pre-digital productivity shifts to networked platforms.

The enigma of the code
Test your knowledge of the CE Code-Part I

When the choice really isn’t a choice at all
Research shows that fear of retaliation is a primary cause of electrical risk.

3 Ways to Improve Your Electric Business’ Cash Flow
This is the most important but easily overlooked part of business management.

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