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This is an opinion piece by Alexandria, a citizen of Zimbabwe and a second-year business administration student at Liaoning Shuhua University in China.

Our mission is to become the largest bitcoin community in Africa, using bitcoin to secure human rights to life, liberty and property. Our goal is to establish a self-sustaining bitcoin community that can generate income while steadily growing independently of outside help. We believe this is possible by delivering high-quality experiences based on deep consumer safety knowledge of bitcoin and its protocol.

If we can consistently provide high quality images and videos for marketing and educational purposes, we can provide the best educational bitcoin content in Africa. Our video content will consist of reels, interviews, speeches, experiences and memes.

If done right, we can establish a niche in the African financial content creation market. We are already creating content, traveling further afield on the African continent than most have. We reach lands and peoples often overlooked, capturing their stories and beautiful destinations. We have noticed that there is a massive lack of native African bitcoin communities and leaders. As a result, there isn’t much local content produced by people in their own country.

Fueling Africa's Youth Financial Revolution with Bitcoin

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“This is the best way, how you can explain bitcoin to a local person. Do local guys tell you it comes from your environment, your culture and that’s why Jacob from the Czech Republic has a channel YouTube with over 90,000 subscribers — Dusan Matuska from @AmityAge

“We asked for no centimeter of Europe, no square centimeter of this territory. So keep your England and let me keep my Zimbabwe. People must always come first in any sustainable development process and let our Africans come first in Africa’s development. Not like puppets, not like beggars, but like a sovereign people. —Robert G. Mugabe

Currently, Africa-based bitcoin projects seem to be mostly dependent on the support of foreign individuals. Respectfully, this tends to reduce opportunities for Africans to participate and be influencers in their own country. It also reduces the financial incentives for Africans and thus reduces the possibilities of understanding Bitcoin. They can also search for bitcoin jobs, and when they fail to get them, they can delist bitcoin and the bitcoin community. I have come to realize that there is a direct correlation between bitcoin-based employment and bitcoin adoption. This could very well be the main reason why it has been difficult to bring Bitcoin companies to Zimbabwe. However, in just three months, I managed to bring together four organizations that will invest in our education and the development of our communities.

“Let our Africans come first in the development of Africa.” —Robert G. Mugabe

It should be mentioned that outsiders may not understand our struggles as well as we do. They may not be able to communicate with us as effectively as we do with each other. It is also true that they only come to Africa a few times a year while we are still there.

A typical foreigner will spend several thousand dollars traveling to Africa, paying for accommodation and transportation while there. These resources, if instead used to sponsor or fund projects run by local Africans, would yield much higher returns when used to fund our activities and the acquisition of much-needed equipment. According to a cost-benefit analysis, it is more economical to support local talent than to temporarily bring in foreign talent. Foreigners may also not have as much incentive as locals to achieve the highest levels of retention and cultivate genuine Bitcoin communities in these parts of Africa. I don’t want to denigrate anyone’s achievements because I’m truly grateful for their work in Africa – but there are flaws that need to be addressed and corrected.

We also believe we could do it at a much more affordable cost. We are more accustomed to the region, transportation networks and other logistical implications that allow us to maximize every dollar invested in building our communities.

Fueling Africa's Youth Financial Revolution with Bitcoin

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We were extremely lucky to bring in three foreign bitcoin companies – Global Bitcoin Fest, RSK and Money On Chain. We also had the support of two authors: Brian E. De Mint of “Bitcoin Evangelism” and Keysa Luna who wrote “The Simplest Bitcoin Book Ever Written”. Together they have been able to reduce the cost of education for citizens in many African countries. It is thanks to their generosity that we were able to finance our past events. We hope that these individuals and entities will continue to be there even in our future endeavours.

Fueling Africa's Youth Financial Revolution with Bitcoin

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The integration

I envision us going from almost zero Bitcoin content creation originating in Zimbabwe and surrounding parts of Southern Africa, to dominating on most social media platforms and being profitable.

The second source of income will come from the organization of three different types of events, all integrated with each other. We believe these can create and massively expand the market share of Bitcoin in Africa in Zimbabwe if executed successfully.

The three events:

  1. Bitcoin dating.
  2. University event on campus.
  3. Bitcoin boot camp.

The only key note worth mentioning is that all of these events will occur on a reasonably small scale – but they will reach a multitude of individuals bringing a more efficient and impactful experience in bitcoin adoption in Zimbabwe and the neighboring countries.

The first two types of events will have no admission fee for participation and will be hosted entirely by Proof of Resilience. These are the two types of events for which we seek the most funding. We have a common saying in Africa that goes something like, “You have a better, more attentive audience when their stomachs are full.”

Bitcoin Dating

Fueling Africa's Youth Financial Revolution with Bitcoin

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This type of event will be an introduction to Bitcoin, RSK, Paxful and the solutions found in the book “Bitcoin Evangelism”, the importance of Bitcoin and how it is disrupting Africa and the world.

The Meetup will also serve as a platform and opportunity to register people for our On Campus event and Bitcoin Bootcamp. This event will be free for guests. We hope to reach more than 30 people for this type of event. As participation in this event will be free, the exact number of people confirmed will largely depend on the funding received.

University on campus event

Fueling Africa's Youth Financial Revolution with Bitcoin

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Our second event will take place at a university. This will be a more in-depth conversation about bitcoin and allow us to touch on the actual use of applications that are built on it. We’ll also go into detail about sponsoring companies and books.

This event should accommodate up to 400 people, certainly a much larger audience. This will also be another opportunity to enroll people in the Bitcoin Bootcamp.

The Bitcoin Boot Camp

Fueling Africa's Youth Financial Revolution with Bitcoin

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This will be our longest event. It will be three days in one of Zimbabwe’s famous beach resorts. It will include a myriad of activities for individuals and couples and we believe it will bring a more positive relationship and association with Bitcoin to the community. This will be the perfect place to create lots of rich bitcoin content on. For this event, we intend to charge attendees, but we still plan to spread the bitcoin adoption message. We believe that if the previous two events leading up to the Bootcamp are well-supported and well-executed, then this Bootcamp could actually be a very profitable venture for leaders in the African Bitcoin community.

A Bootcamp type setup may very well turn out to be the best method to educate individuals about Bitcoin in Africa.

Fueling Africa's Youth Financial Revolution with Bitcoin

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Acceleration of hyperbitcoinization

We are mission driven individuals; we sacrificed time and our own capital before it paid off. We are still doing multiple projects which are not profitable, but they are accelerating hyperbitcoinization in the world. Our goal is to bring the greatest good to the greatest number. This is the metric we use for success.

Our goal is to drive change, advance our culture and prove the resilience of the next generation in Africa not only to avoid but also to fix the mistakes of the generation that came before us. We will do this mainly by fixing our money.

While we believe it is important to build an organization that will succeed with permanent external sponsors, we believe the Bitcoin community provides the resources that will accelerate our growth. We also feel that it will always be difficult to raise capital to fund our mission. So we want to build long-term methods of acquiring capital, while working hard to spread bitcoin adoption.

Fueling Africa's Youth Financial Revolution with Bitcoin

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This is a guest post from Alexandria. The opinions expressed are entirely their own and do not necessarily reflect those of BTC Inc or Bitcoin Magazine.