Parade Magazine Changes

Parade magazine, which has been inserted into newspapers across the country for decades, recently announced that it will cease print publication after today’s edition and switch exclusively to an electronic edition product. Of course, all Daily Journal paper and digital subscribers will have access to Parade’s weekly e-magazine on our E-edition platforms. But there is more to the story.

Starting next weekend, The Daily Journal is proud to offer an all-new weekly print page that will feature some of Parade’s best content – the same content you’ve loved for years. Not only will the new offering include Parade’s cover story for the week, but it will also include a fun and challenging number puzzle called Numbrix. This enhanced content partnership between the Daily Journal and Parade aims to ensure that you, our loyal readers, continue to receive the best of Parade in our print journal, as well as our electronic publishing products, every week.

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Thank you for supporting local journalism through your Daily Journal subscription, and we hope you enjoy the new Parade page, as well as the new Parade E-edition magazine, in next weekend’s print edition.