Neenah Joins Soteria Battery Innovation Group Consortium – Nonwovens Industry Magazine

Neenah, a global specialty materials manufacturer, has joined the Soteria Battery Innovation Group (BIG), a consortium of more than 100 companies representing different developers and users in the lithium-ion battery ecosystem. The consortium is committed to using new technologies to bring safer batteries to market, which aligns directly with Neenah’s passion for innovation and the company’s focus on safety.

Lithium-ion batteries continue to dominate the battery market, with sales expected to grow from $41 billion in 2021 to over $110 billion by 2030. Neenah will use its significant expertise in nonwovens to continue fiber-based splitter applications that can meet the short and short-term needs of users. long term needs.

“This partnership offers significant opportunities to leverage our existing technologies, and we continue to be excited to work with organizations that complement our capabilities and help drive value in our growing markets,” said Bret Haldin. , vice president of innovation at Neenah.

“Soteria’s technology and consortium enable a world where lithium-ion batteries and the devices they power are inherently safe,” said Brian Morin, CEO of Soteria BIG. “We are very pleased to welcome Neenah as they bring their significant expertise in high performance nonwovens to realize this vision.”