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Business on hold: the seagull of early renewal. In today’s column, radio sales pro Steve lapa begging radio salespeople not to fall into the “seagull” sales strategy where the salesperson “hovers”, drops a package, but never follows properly. He admits it can happen to top sellers as they try to test the waters during an early renewal. “Despite all of the hard work in that sales meeting, you have entered the pothole of sales meeting facts that have no real benefit to your advertiser. The facts that are important to you might just be white noise to the advertiser. He offers a four point plan for better communication with your customer. Read it here.

Flag Family Media appoints Bridgette Readel as farm manager. Agronomist Bridgette readel joined Flag Family Media farm manager for his broadcast team. Readel has been an agronomist for two decades, serving customers and service providers efficient solutions. In her role with Flag Family Media, she will provide live updates and reporting on Fargo WZFG, WDAY and KTGO media. In addition, his reports will be heard on Scott hennenstatewide late-morning “What’s On Your Mind” program. Readel says: “Although I graduated from teaching agriculture in high school, I now find myself teaching adults about nature of production farming and I really enjoy sharing the bright and positive message of farming in North Dakota. I am delighted to join the team at WDAY and “The Flag” and share the exciting moments and news of today’s agricultural landscape. There are so many positive opportunities in farming, and I can’t wait to take these experiences home to our listeners. Flag Family Media President and Managing Partner Steve hallstrom says, “We couldn’t imagine a better way to usher in the New Year than to add a professional and talented communicator like Bridgette. A good farm manager will allow us to serve our region in this important and diverse industry. The agriculture industry has evolved into a fascinating world of self-contained machinery and precision technology, and Bridgette will be an important part of our cutting-edge agricultural coverage.

Marty Bender appointed growth consultant for “BOB & TOM Show”. Radio programming pro Marty bender assumes a new role with the “BOB & To M Show ”in which he will serve as a consulting member of its Affiliate Services team and Growth Partner of the Nationally Subscribed Program and its Affiliates. Bender will serve as content / strategy partner to each affiliate of the program, helping them to optimize and monetize the show in their local markets through creative and high impact strategies that generate audience and advertising investment. Bender previously served as executive producer of the BOB & TOM Show and will also help create new content for the program, with a focus on growing video content. Program Operations Manager John kesler Says, “Listeners are consuming more hours of content in countless ways, and now more than ever, they want to be in control of when they consume it. 2022 is just the start of a huge shift in how radio will evolve to meet listeners’ demands. In addition to being already well staffed and well positioned for this evolution, we are delighted to offer Marty Bender as a content and strategy partner to each of our 100+ affiliates. As far as I know, no other subscribed radio show has ever made this service available to their affiliate stations. “

COVID-19, January 6, US-Russian relations, economy / supply chain, midterm elections, New York apartment fire and death of Bob Saget among the main news / discussion stories over the weekend. The increasing rate of COVID-19 cases in the United States and abroad, the Omicron variant, vaccination warrants and school policies; the investigation into the Capitol bombing of January 6; US and Russia meet over tense situation in Ukraine; the state of the US economy and persistent supply chain problems; the challenges Democrats face in maintaining control of Congress in this year’s midterm elections; the fatal apartment fire in the Bronx that killed at least 19 people; and tv star and comic book Bob saget Unexpected Deaths at 65 were among the most talked about news / talk radio stories over the weekend, according to ongoing research SPEAKERS magazine.

KFRU-AM / FM, Columbia seeks talk show host. KFRU-AM / FM, Columbia, Missouri is seeking a dynamic, full-time Talk Show Host who will be up and running and immediately contribute to the success of the community heritage radio station. the The successful candidate understands the broadcast industry and takes pride in their work. This candidate must be a strategic and proactive thinker. We need creative idea generation skills to consistently put the station in a position to be successful. The candidate should have a deep understanding of on-air, digital and social media branding, as well as a passion for impact on community listeners. If you enjoy a fast-paced work environment and have a good talking point, please apply. Send your information to: [email protected]

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