Molly Zuckerman Hartung | ‘Comic Relief’ – Flaunt Magazine

American painter Molly Zuckerman-Hartung created her first museum monograph, comic relief (Inventory Press, Blaffer Art Museum), a collection of over twenty years of his art and lifestyle. The book explores over 100 works of art ranging from her experience with the Riot Grrrl movement – ​​an underground feminist and punk scene of the 1990s – to her paintings and her work with layered multimedia objects. It is currently on display at the Blaffer Art Museum in Houston.

Zuckerman-Hartung is a 37-year-old artist known for pushing the boundaries of painting. comic relief presents his journey as an artist with abstract paintings and bold works from the Riot Grrrl movement. Zuckerman-Hartung’s experience with Riot Grrrl had a lasting effect on his artistic style, leading him to paint with a stronger creative resistance to societal expectations.

The book also includes a foreword by Steven Matijcio, the director of the Blaffer Art Museum as well as writings by Kate Nesin, a post-war art historian; Lisa Darms, archivist and writer for Riot Grrrl; Annie Bielski, one of his former students; and Tyler Blackwell, Associate Curator of Cynthia Woods Mitchell at the Blaffer Art Museum.

comic relief is available now and will be on view at the Blaffer Art Museum until March 13, 2022.