Mitsui and FullStem Create Nonwovens for Stem Cell Structure – Nonwovens Industry Magazine

Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. has started a project with FullStem Co. Ltd. for the joint development of high-performance nonwovens for use in high-density, large-scale stem cell culture. Named Achieva-CS, the high-density, large-scale stem cell culture device developed by FullStem uses nonwovens as a scaffold to enable the large-scale cultivation of stem cells. By taking the expertise that Mitsui Chemicals has cultivated for the formation of polymer materials and nonwovens and combining it with FullStem’s technology and devices for high-density, large-scale stem cell cultivation, the companies have intends to jointly develop next-generation platform technology for large-scale cultivation of stem cells, in turn contributing to the field of regenerative medicine.

FullStem’s efforts toward high-density, large-scale stem cell culture will be covered at the 21st Congress of the Japanese Society for Regenerative Medicine, to be held on March 19.

FullStem was established in August 2016 by CHIBA Shunmei, brain surgeon and board-certified regenerative medicine practitioner. The company has since developed Achieva-CS: a large-scale, high-density stem cell culture device that uses a proprietary method for high-density, three-dimensional, large-scale culture and recovery. FullStem’s concept here is to have a device that anyone can use safely and easily, and the company now aims to commercialize its technology for large-scale use in stem cell cultivation.

Achieva-CS uses nonwovens as a scaffold for stem cell cultivation to allow for a more compact, high-density cultivation area. This then facilitates the large-scale culture of stem cells under inexpensive conditions while being close to those of an in vivo environment. FullStem’s patented technology has also made Achieva-CS the first large-scale three-dimensional automatic culture device to achieve efficient recovery of cells buried in nonwovens, which was generally considered impossible.