Maxcess Launches Tidland Advantage Series Knife Holder – Nonwovens Industry Magazine

Maxcess, a global leader in innovative products and services for web processing applications, today unveiled the Tidland, an Advantage Series knife holder from Maxcess. Ideal for packaging, labeling and converting customers who require quality narrow slots, the Advantage Series offers customers Tidland quality and easy maintenance at an attractive price.

“With the Advantage Series, we wanted to enhance our offering of narrow slotted knife holders to provide our customers with the quality of cut that Tidland is known for at a competitive global price,” says Aaron Powers, Global Product Manager for Tidland. Slitting Solutions. “Customers will notice reduced downtime by using the removable blade cartridge to make modifications offline. Additionally, the blade cartridges are reversible, allowing customers to cut both sides of knife rings for extended blade life and reduced maintenance costs.

With minimum slot widths of just 19.5 mm (0.768 inches), the new Advantage Series offers precise depth control adjustment for blade overlap and extended side travel distance to simplify the setup process. It is backwards compatible with older W19 knife holder systems, as well as Class I Performance Series knife holders and guide bars.