Madeline Fraser | CEO and Founder of Gemist — Flaunt Magazine

Not only can consumers try on jewelry digitally, but the jewelry is customizable. Why is it important to give the consumer so much control over the product?

The path to buying fine jewelry is not singular, it is slightly different for each type of consumer who comes to GEMIST. What we try to do is listen to our consumers to make the digital jewelry shopping experience as easy, seamless, and fun as possible.

Our ethos as a brand is rooted in individuality, uniqueness and the ability to create jewelry that is an extension of who you are. We’re ditching that idea of ​​fast fashion and creating a beautiful new way of consuming jewelry that has a lot more meaning, thought, and sustainability behind it. We want every consumer to leave GEMIST excited that their jewelry has a piece of their story tied to it.

The Try-On experience is a fantastic way to take the risk out of this whole process. Suddenly, what was once overwhelming and stressful becomes a fun experience you’ll remember forever. Having the chance to touch, wear and show off your creation with friends and family before taking the plunge can make all the difference. Then you make all the changes you want on our design platform or work with our GEMIST gemologists to create a completely custom piece using our On the hunt experience.

Our mission is to ensure that every consumer who goes through GEMIST is satisfied and has all the tools to find their perfect high jewelry piece(s). We have a solution for almost everyone.