London Heathrow live stream goes viral amid Storm Eunice

DALLAS – Hundreds of thousands of people tuned in to see flights attempting to arrive at London Heathrow Airport (LHR) during Storm Eunice, and the feed went massively viral.

Storm Eunice blew in from the central Atlantic, bringing crazy high winds to the UK and Europe, one of the worst storms people have seen in decades.

As owners brace for the storm and hope their valuables are safe, BigJetTV has taken advantage of the situation and is attracting viewers from around the world to watch huge jet planes attempt to land at LHR. You will definitely see manual landings amid the strong crosswinds found at the airport today.

BigJetTV viral LHR stream

As the YouTube channel goes viral on the internet, the stream has reached over 180,000 live viewers and counting.

BigJetTV’s passionate commentary makes each landing even more entertaining than the last. The channel has amassed over 15,000 members today alone and expects that number to climb even higher.

Although plane spotting isn’t the most popular type of streaming content on the internet, it does have a loyal following. See go-arounds, wing flexes and tire burns at the UK’s main hub. A Boeing 747 must land before noon EST.

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