IPC to Unveil New Members Magazine, “IPC Community” at IPC APEX EXPO 2023

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IPC, in partnership with IPC Publishing Group (I-Connect007), will unveil an exciting new publication, “IPC Community”, at IPC APEX EXPO 2023, continuing its commitment to better serve the electronics industry and bring added value to IPC members.

The quarterly magazine will be offered in digital format and will serve as a valuable new resource designed to keep the global IPC community up to date with the latest IPC news, including industry updates, trends and technology. .

The digital edition will be available the week of January 22, 2023 at IPC APEX EXPO. The magazine will benefit from a bonus circulation with print copies exclusively available at the show.

Inside the ‘IPC Community’, readers will find feature articles that celebrate member success as well as articles on advocacy efforts, committee and standards updates, workforce education and training, factory-of-the-future solutions, advanced packaging updates, profiles of engineers and emerging members, and more.

“Our members and the entire global electronics manufacturing community regard IPC as an unwavering resource to keep them informed and informed of the latest industry developments,” said Brian Knier, Vice President of IPC, marketing, member success and sales. “We are excited about the opportunities the ‘IPC Community’ offers to take our ability to deliver timely and important information to the next level; while ensuring that the voices of IPC members are reflected in the magazine.

Michelle Te, Editor-in-Chief of IPC Community magazine, added, “With its family of publications offering original and thought-provoking content, I-Connect007 prides itself on being ‘good for the industry’. With the launch of “IPC Community”, IPC and I-Connect007 are now even better for the industry There is much to recognize and celebrate.

To subscribe to the IPC Community, visit www.ipc.org/subscribe-ipc-community. For inquiries regarding magazine advertising opportunities, contact Barb Hockaday, Advertising Sales Manager, at [email protected] To suggest a member success story, contact Michelle Te at [email protected]

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