How WMS can enable manufacturers’ growth strategy

A good WMS will provide real-time inventory visibility and create new efficiencies in inbound, warehousing, manufacturing, and outbound processes. SOLOCHAIN ​​WMS combines warehouse management and manufacturing execution system capabilities to provide a flexible platform with features and capabilities to enable efficiencies and support operational excellence.

Inbound Processes – Improve receiving, quality assurance, and inventory put-away

The goal of a WMS is to reduce the number of steps in a process and inventory keys or movements. During inbound processes, the WMS optimizes the receipt of inventory.

-WMS allows transhipment receiving, creating picks, and arranging inventory for shipment to a cross-docking area without placing inventory in overstock or pick locations in the warehouse. Cross-docking can help move products faster based on customer orders and reduce overall inventory management and movement.

-Storage logic in the WMS can help workers place inventory in the best or right place when it enters the warehouse. This is important for frozen, chilled and other products to ensure they are in the optimal location. Similarly, put-away logic can provide additional efficiencies if it makes logistical sense to allow forward pick locations to be replenished during the receiving process while respecting the FIFO/ FEFO. Put-away logic will help optimize the picking process and improve inventory turnover.

Warehouse Process – Improve inventory control, accuracy and stock movement

Our WMS can improve inventory control and accuracy in warehouse processes and make inventory movement more efficient and productive.

-Cycle counting in SOLOCHAIN ​​WMS enables inventory control and accuracy. Inaccurate inventory is one of the main ways manufacturers lose revenue. A robust cycle counting process gives a warehouse a continuous measure of inventory accuracy while reducing inventory drawdown and stoppages and the ability to identify out-of-sync inventory or errors more quickly.

-Warehouse movements are managed in the WMS. These can be put-away movements, replenishments, preventive replenishments, manual movements and picking. To improve operational efficiency within the warehouse, task interleaving can reduce head-to-head trips and maximize travel time. For example, a forklift operator will perform the next closest task based on their location in the warehouse – this could be picking, cycle counting, replenishing, etc.

Build Execution Feature – Support for Kits, Multi-Step Build, and Recall Reports

Unlike many WMSs, SOLOCHAIN ​​WMS integrates MES functionality into the platform to give businesses real-time visibility and traceability throughout the supply chain.

-kitting Where multi-step manufacturing process can be managed with the WMS to produce finished products. The warehouse becomes connected with the production floor to ensure a constant flow of materials.

-Traceability and recall report is made possible by the WMS. Throughout the assembly or manufacture of a finished product, detailed information about each material used is tracked, including lot numbers. As a result, manufacturers can trace forward and backward. For example, if there was a problem with a single ingredient, the manufacturer can trace all of the finished products where it was used. Alternatively, if there was a problem with a finished product, the manufacturer could also identify all of the raw materials used to produce the product. Real-time traceability allows recalls to be flagged in cases where there are product issues. This feature is ideal for industries subject to traceability regulations such as food, cosmetics and nutraceuticals.

Outbound Processes – Manage order types, execute efficiently, and meet customer compliance requirements

As customer buying behaviors have changed dramatically, companies are striving to enable new channels to meet customer needs, such as e-commerce and omnichannel experiences. The efficiency of outbound logistics processes is critical to success. The outgoing processes managed in the WMS are flexible and highly configurable.

-Several types of orders are managed in this WMS, and the solution seeks to optimize the preparation process for the specific order type. A warehouse can process orders for direct e-commerce, omnichannel, and traditional wholesale more efficiently because WMS will direct picking from the most efficient location. For example, if a large quantity of pallets are in the order, the WMS may suggest picking the oldest pallets from excess bulk stock rather than from forward picking locations. Similarly, customer compliance requirements can be generated through our WMS.

-From a shipping perspective, SOLOCHAIN ​​WMS can be integrated with a TMS. If the WMS is integrated into the TMS. the platform can further optimize the picking process. For example, SOLOCHAIN ​​WMS can wait for enough case quantities to create a picklist that will pull a full pallet shipped by UPS. UPS shipping labels are printed and applied in order during pick creation as the worker picks the product. With an entire pallet of product, the worker can move it and load it onto the UPS trailer instead of taking it to a packing station.

Core capabilities of SOLOCHAIN ​​WMS optimize processes – inbound, outbound, manufacturing, warehousing – and accurately capture data and use it to enable new efficiencies. For manufacturers, SOLOCHAIN ​​WMS manufacturing-specific processes within its foundation enable better optimization and synchronization between operations. To learn more about WMS features and capabilities, download the Gartner Magic Quadrant for WMS report today.

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As omnichannel-centric demands become the norm, with resulting customer satisfaction harder to achieve, supply chain professionals must leverage advanced WMS technology to keep their operations agile, efficient and scalable, especially in these unstable times.

Given Generix Group’s comprehensive vision and ability to execute, recognized once again by the Gartner analyst community, their SOLOCHAIN ​​WMS is well positioned to help companies looking to a modern, flexible and agile solution, able to adapt easily to their changing needs. We invite you to contact us for more information.