How tiptap pays with LGBTQ2S+ communities

This content was created by Xtra’s branded content team alongside tiptap, separate from Xtra’s editorial team.

Tech startup tiptap’s passion is to help nonprofits raise the critical funds they need to deliver their services to the communities they support; over 1,000 to date. Most people don’t realize that small donations are the lifeblood of charities. These days, our smartphones are far more accessible than any spare change in our pockets, making cash donations a thing of the past. Over the past five years, as we have entered an increasingly cashless society, tiptap, through its standalone contactless donation devices, has enabled charities to not only compensate for the lack of small cash donations, but helped them exceed their fundraisers. Goals. All one has to do is tap their phone or credit/debit card to safely and securely donate preset amounts. During Pride season, we’re highlighting some of the LGBTQ2S+ groups supported by tiptap; there’s no better time than the present to tap to give™.

Pride Toronto

Credit: TipTapPay Micropayments Ltd. 2022

With a history dating back to 1970, this nonprofit has been a mainstay of the city’s queer community for decades. If you’ve been to the (always fun) annual Pride Parade – complete with amazing outfits, exposed skin and a healthy dose of glitter – you’ll have seen tiptap take part in the procession, as well as their devices dotted throughout the parade. (Did you spot their vehicles topped with a monitor that showed how much was donated with their devices?) This year, for its charity of choice, Pride partnered with the Black Coalition for AIDS Prevention (Black CAP) . Black CAP is the nation’s largest organization supporting Caribbean, African and Black communities affected by HIV/AIDS since 1989, through awareness campaigns, harm reduction programs and peer support groups.


Founded in 1987, the Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research has set itself the ambitious goal of ending the country’s HIV epidemic and ending the stigma associated with this devastating disease. With cases on the rise again, as six new people are infected every day, it is important to contribute to this cause now more than ever. CANFAR has provided financial support for HIV/AIDS research, including more than $4,500,000 in funding for the preventative drug, PrEP, since its inception. On April 28, they went to the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto for lunch, in partnership with tiptap. The sold-out event was attended by 400 people, 25% of whom helped raise $9,250 for the cause using tiptap devices.

Rainbow of Hope Foundation

This Vancouver-based organization works hard to enable the safe migration of LGBTQ2S+ people to Canada, raising funds that support immigrant community groups and associated charities. From private sponsorship of migrants to assistance with resettlement services, the foundation follows newcomers every step of the way as they leave behind often dangerous situations. Throughout June, they will be fundraising across Vancouver using 10 counter displays, two selfie sticks and two floor stands equipped with tiptap technology. Now all you need is for you to pass – keep your eyes peeled for their rainbow and butterfly design and remember that no faucet is too small.

AIDS Committee of Toronto

Credit: TipTapPay Micropayments Ltd. 2022

Founded in 1983 at the devastating start of the global AIDS epidemic, the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) is one of the leading not-for-profit organizations working to reduce new infections and promote the dignity and health of people living with HIV. HIV and AIDS. A pillar of the LGBTQ2S+ community in Toronto, ACT is partnering with tiptap for the month of June as part of its Fly With Pride campaign, which invites all members of the community to show their pride by donating to ACT in the one of many tiptap installations around town and visit the Fly With Pride exhibit at Union Station. The installation offers passers-by the opportunity to not only donate to ACT, but also to light up the angel wing display in a unique color pattern based on how they personally identify. Thanks to this colorful “nanoleaf” technology, being proud has never looked so good!