Hospeco offers disposable masks for children – Nonwovens Industry Magazine

The protection of children against Covid and other diseases remains a major concern for parents and health professionals. Establishments requiring or recommending mask-wearing, including schools, dental offices, healthcare facilities and other public spaces, are required to provide masks to customers who require them. This is particularly the case for students (including on buses) who forget to bring their masks or whose families cannot afford them.

Hospeco Brands Group is offering bulk availability of ProWorks ProKids Disposable Face Masks. The masks are designed for small faces, fitting snugly around the child’s nose and mouth without any gaps.

In some cases, face coverings may be essential for children to return safely to school or daycare; receive treatment at dental and medical clinics; or have fun with family and friends at amusement parks, children’s event centers or other group locations. In addition to protecting the child, the use of face coverings significantly reduces the spread of coronavirus and other viruses to other children and adults. ProKids disposable face masks are comfortable to encourage use and easy to put on.

ProKids children’s disposable face masks feature soft, comfortable elastic ear loops (latex free) and the built-in nose clip helps create a custom, allergen-free fit. The blue side faces outward, to help children easily understand how to wear it correctly. The masks are three-layer fluid resistant, with a polypropylene inner, filter and outer layer.

ProKids Children’s Disposable Face Masks meet ASTM F2100-11 Level 1. They are suitable for children 4-12 years old.