Hilti Group achieves double-digit sales growth

Hilti Group achieves double-digit sales growth
January 27, 2022

The Hilti Group achieved total sales of almost CHF 6 billion in 2021, which is 12.1% more than the previous year’s level. In local currencies, the increase in sales amounts to 12.2%.

CEO Christoph Loos explained: “The recovery trend in the construction sector continued in the last four months of 2021. We were able to maintain double-digit growth in a relatively stable monetary environment and fully offset the decline in sales linked to the coronavirus in This allowed us to close the year well above the pre-crisis level in local currencies.

In Europe, sales increased by 13.8% in local currencies. The Mediterranean countries, in particular, have experienced a greatly improved environment. The Americas also generated double-digit growth of 10.5%, with Latin America posting disproportionate gains. In Asia/Pacific, sales increased by 8.9%. Southeast Asia, in particular, still had to deal with severe Covid-19 restrictions. Eastern European countries mainly contributed to the significant increase of 12.3% in the Eastern Europe/Middle East/Africa region. Due to the ongoing difficulties, the Gulf States unsurprisingly fell short of expectations, while the devaluation of the Turkish currency had a negative impact.

Despite Covid-19, ongoing global supply chain challenges and current political tensions, the Hilti Group expects positive developments in the construction industry in 2022 and is again targeting sales growth at two digits.