Frozen dessert makers are expanding their wide range of healthier treats with the first fruit-based sorbet in their frozen dessert line

Fruit lovers everywhere should scoop up the new fruit-filled treat you can feel good about eating! Halo Top is expanding its line of fruity frozen desserts with all-new fruit sorbet pints – the brand’s first sorbet option in its frozen line. Made with real fruit and fruit juice, with less sugar and calories than leading sorbet brands, Halo Top Fruit Sorbets are available in three juicy and bright flavors including Raspberry, Mango and Strawberry. Find the new product on shelves nationwide from May 2022.

From a broad portfolio of better-for-you frozen treats, new Halo Top Fruit Sorbets are vegan-certified gluten-free desserts that burst with flavor while having at least 50% less sugar than leading fruit sorbets in the frozen aisle and start at just 260 calories per pint. For fans who love Halo Top Fruit Pops, Fruit Sorbets bring the same fruity goodness of mango and strawberry, plus a refreshing new flavor of raspberry, so grab a scoop and enjoy the taste of delicious frozen fruit every time. bite, spoon and pint.

“At Halo Top, we’re always looking for ways to create new frozen treats that dessert lovers will love. Our fans told us they crave more frozen fruit, but they don’t want the high sugar content of fruit sorbets on the shelves today. Following the release of Fruit Pops last year, our Fruit Sorbets allow fans to treat themselves to a refreshing and delicious dessert they can feel good about eating,” said Pete Gargula, Halo Top Brand Manager.

Each pint is made from real fruit and fruit juice, delighting the taste buds with brilliant bursts of flavor, perfect for enjoying straight from the pint or incorporating into a recipe for extra fruity pleasure.

The three new fruit sorbet flavors include:

  • Raspberry: Made from the fruit and juice of real raspberries for the perfect balance of sweet and tart taste. Calories/pint: 280 (Made with 58% less sugar than other great fruit sorbets)
  • Mango: Made with fruit and juice from real mangoes for a refreshing, tropical flavor. Calories/pint: 310 (Made with 56% less sugar than other great fruit sorbets)
  • Strawberry: Made from the fruit and juice of real strawberries for a classic, bright treat with every spoonful. Calories/pint: 260 (Made with 54% less sugar than other great fruit sorbets)

“We are delighted to offer our first fruit-based sorbets for those looking for more than just a fruity dessert. Whether you live a plant-based lifestyle or are just a fan of fruit desserts, fruit sorbets are a dessert anyone can enjoy,” Gargula said.

Halo Top Fruit Sorbets can be found in the freezer section and are priced at $4.79 a pint. Halo Top Fruit Sorbets are the latest offering from the Better-For-You dessert maker that features a wide range of frozen treats you can feel good about eating, including fruit, dairy, dairy-free and keto options. . To sample the entire Fruit Sorbet range, visit the freezer section of food retailers nationwide from May 2022 or visit the ‘Where to Buy’ tab on www.halotop.com to locate a product near you . To learn more about Halo Top, visit www.halotop.com or Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.