Founder of Toronto’s Avling Kitchen and Brewery Unveils New Napkin Culinary Magazine

An exciting new culinary publication is coming to Canada next month and will aim to explore the interconnected nature of food, while providing readers with meaningful and goal-oriented content in relation to the hospitality industry as a whole.

Conceptualized by former chef and founder of Toronto’s Avling Kitchen and Brewery, Max Meighen, Serviette Magazine’s inaugural publication will offer a taste of what’s to come through unique articles ranging from urban planning and its influence on food systems, industrial design and products for home food production, the development of sustainable food policies, etc.

“At Avling, we have always worked from a circular model, knowing that food is not a silo; it is interconnected with how we design and experience the world,” says Meighen. “I wanted to create something that brings people closer to the subject of food, connecting them through curiosity and passion. Napkin is all about conversations about food – how it fuels us, sustains us, inspires us and challenges us to hidden way – with the people who are making waves in the industry.

The first Napkin publication will also feature interviews with renowned chefs and food industry professionals, including Eric Wareheim (Tim and Eric, Foodheim), Matt Orlando (Noma, Amass) and Top Chef Canada Season 9 contestant Siobhan Detkavich.

Towel Magazine’s inaugural publication is set to be available February 22. More information and subscription details can be found online.