Focus On briefs: Swimming/ski lifts – Magazine issue content

» Older people may be more likely to fall in bathrooms, according to several recent reports. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in three seniors experiences at least one fall in their lifetime. About four out of five falls involving older people occur in the bathroom, adds the National Institute on Aging.

» Apollo Bath recently unveiled new bath products for senior residences and skilled nursing facilities. Apollo Bath’s new offerings include Solares Spa, Advantage Spa and Essence Spa bath systems. These bathing systems are designed with resident safety and hygiene in mind to provide a holistic and luxurious bathing experience, according to the company.

» Consider three variables when determining a new bathtub purchase, advises Family Handyman magazine:

1) Size: Your available space determines a lot. With a smaller space size, some operators choose to have a dual shower/tub (an alcove tub), while those with ample space have the luxury of choosing a freestanding style.

2) Material and Weight: These tend to go hand in hand. A cast iron bathtub is more expensive and extremely heavy but durable. Fiberglass is lighter and stronger with little maintenance, but can be prone to scratching or warping over time.

3) Shape: Are you looking for a traditional, classic rectangular alcove tub (combined with a shower, enclosed by three walls) or a freestanding tub, perhaps with a shower elsewhere? These factors can influence which choice is best for your community.

» Senior Strong recently published a guide to bath lifts to help seniors find the right medical assistive devices they need. The article was posted on the Senior Strong website to highlight the need for bathing aids for seniors. “The publication analyzes the use and usefulness of bath lifts for the elderly. It helps seniors and elderly caregivers by providing detailed information on the best devices to help seniors,” said William Rivers, founder and editor of Senior Strong. The article also sheds light on general features to look for when buying a bath lift. For more information on bath products for seniors, visit

Excerpt from the June 2022 issue of McKnight’s Senior Living