Education; To look forward

There’s a saying that goes “children are our future” and that’s as true for Australia as it is for any other place in the world. Education is such a vital part of a child’s development and there is no shortage of positions available for professional teachers engaged in Australia’s understaffed education sector.

As with all professions, there are a variety of different positions that are open to people with the right skills. Within the Australian education system, the demand for teachers appears to be greatest for those who are willing to work with the youngest students.
“There is always a demand for teachers in schools and childcare centres, especially in Sydney,” says Louise White, director of Randstad Education. “Childcare centers and holiday childcare services operate year-round, providing new opportunities.”

White is quick to point out that working in the education sector, no matter what state you find yourself in, requires quite extensive higher education requirements. “To work in schools, you need to have a Bachelor of Education/PGCE,” she says.

Although it is naturally quite difficult to obtain the necessary qualifications to work in the education sector, the rewards are worth the hard work. “Casual teachers are very well paid, earning over $270 a day,” says White.

“Sponsorship is also a possibility, but it depends on individual schools and centres. Typically, teachers are sponsored into hard-to-fill positions, specialized roles, or rural areas,” White continues, alluding to a problem and solution that many travelers face when working in Oz: the desire to grant a longer stay in the country.

While bachelor’s degrees are only available by studying at a university, Randstad Education offers a number of courses that people wishing to apply for teaching jobs in Australia can learn about the industry.

“Randstad hosts a group induction session for all new candidates wishing to work with us, this provides information on payroll, expectations and also what to expect when working with us,” says White. “We also have a PD division, specializing in the early childhood sector.”