EDANA Opens Quality and Audit Program Enrollment – Nonwovens Industry Magazine

The aim of EDANA’s quality and audit program is to provide the absorbent hygiene products industry, as well as the wet wipes industry, with a harmonized quality and hygiene standard, listing the requirements this industry must meet to help ensure that end consumer products are safe and meet consumer expectations.

The benefit for the industry is to have a harmonized, transparent quality standard available on the EDANA website. Processors benefit from access to the results of audits conducted by professionals, which helps them manage their supplier base. Suppliers benefit from independent and objective audits, carried out at their request, according to a single reference system.

“This is a voluntary scheme,” explains Marines Lagemaat, Technical Director of EDANA, “and processors who participate in it will ask their suppliers to request an audit. It is important to emphasize that suppliers decide to share the results of the audit with their customers. The program is now open for audits in greater Europe. The intention is to implement it in the Americas and Asia-Pacific from 2023. In the pilot phase, the concept has already been tested in all three regions.

Before this launch, two series of pilot audits were carried out to demonstrate that the standard is adequate and verifiable and to refine both the profile of the auditor and the training and qualification procedure.

Initially, BSI is appointed as the preferred partner to carry out the audits, having been involved in the development from the start. In the future, other auditing companies may become involved.

More information is available at https://www.edana.org/quality-audit-programme where processors and suppliers can register to participate. You can also register to take part in a training session to familiarize yourself with the standard.

It is the vision of the EDANA QAP working group, that this standard will eventually be the leading standard in the industry. Potentially, its scope can be extended with requirements related to occupational health and safety, environmental management and others.