Credabl and Prime Practice join forces

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Credabl and Prime Practice join forces to create the next evolution in holistic service delivery for the dental, medical and veterinary communities.

On March 17, 2022, Credabl Holdings acquired a strategic stake in Prime Practice (Prime), with the intention of acquiring the balance within the next two years. The impetus to join forces began in the second half of 2021, after both companies identified strong synergies in their five-year business plans.

Prime Practice was established in Australia 25 years ago and has grown into a global provider of practice management advisory and training services with clients in Australia and around the world. Prime’s unique content and innovative technology supports business growth and sustainability by providing training to all team members to improve their skills and business acumen.

Credabl is a team of finance specialists providing bespoke solutions to medical, dental and veterinary professionals. Through simplified, personalized and digitized solutions, Credabl ensures that healthcare professionals receive the financial attention they deserve in their personal and professional lives.

The decision to acquire 100% of Prime aligns with Credabl’s strategy to fuel the ambitions of medical, dental and veterinary professionals in Australia. This reinforces Credabl’s goal to educate, inform and fund the professions and speaks to the greater impact both companies can have on the community and our customers.

Credabl actively seeks strategic partnerships that will improve the group by creating more value for its customers in their professional life.

“Prime is without a doubt the leader in practice management training in the dental market in Australia,” said Stafford Hamilton, CEO and co-founder of Credabl.

“By combining business and intellectual property, we believe we can extend the experience and success of Prime to the medical and veterinary professions, and beyond. Credabl continues its commitment to supporting the practitioner journey and, by partnering with Prime, we can take our support to the next level by providing practice owners and healthcare professionals with the financial and management skills they need to succeed in life and in business. .”

“By joining forces with Credabl, we are creating a significant and immediate opportunity to improve our clients’ engagement and growth,” said Wayne Shainfeld, CEO of Prime Practice.

“Our approach, which complements Credabl’s full suite of financial offerings, will help us achieve our goal of supporting practice owners and their teams, so they can grow personally and professionally from graduation to retirement. retirement. We believe this will result in the creation of a value-added lending model with Credabl that will increase financial success, expansion and wealth creation for practitioners and practices.