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It was as if a magic dust had entwined the winds of Santa Ana. The pandemic was receding, a brand new five billion dollar stadium in Inglewood was finally welcoming live audiences, NFL superstars Odell Beckham Jr. and Von Miller were linked mid-season to the City of Angels thanks to a pair of high-stakes acquisitions and iconic LA brand fabric, Born X Raised had a collaboration with the very team that acquired said superstars, eventual Super Bowl champions, your Los Angeles Rams, who would claim victory in the latest minute of the game on the shoulders of a quarterback who had never won a playoff game??? Like, wtf!? How good can that be?

It’s true that during the dismal course of the pandemic, hometown heroes the Dodgers and Lakers have also brought home championships – albeit without an audience – so how could this sea of ​​fortune come as a surprise? In many ways it is not. LA is a world capital for many things, and sports are no exception. But it was different, it was special. And I’ll tell you what was really special: seeing the Born x Raised x Rams collaboration worn all over the Super Bowl stadium. But not only there. On the streets of Inglewood, in bars and restaurants across the city, in clubs, parks, traffic jams and offices, as the world’s most-watched game reached its climax. You see, Born X Raised, founded in Venice, is a popular brand. “I can’t help but think we’re kind of a lucky charm for LA,” founder Spanto says when asked about the emotions of working with the Rams to ride the eventual wave of a world championship . “We created this brand for real people, real Angelenos, so to see them wearing it and representing it the way they do, to say I’m proud would be an understatement.”

The True Angelenos ethos is embedded in Born X Raised, which Spanto founded in 2013 and runs with business partner 2TONE, and it’s not just demonstrated by an ongoing series of crossovers and caps (a recent homage to the year 2000 hires artist Jane Moseley, actress and director Gilbert Trejo, professional skateboarder and former Flaunt, Leandre Sanders and Ho99o9, who share a few pages of this same magazine within a few inches). It’s demonstrated in badass parties including ravers, freaks, founders and aficionados…everyone is there. But it also translates into an uncompromising brand identity that stays true to the city it was born from. In times of glory, in times of transition, but also in this hour of need.

Now here’s a quick chat with Spanto and 2TONE, who we can’t wait to see more of on the stage as the world (hopefully) continues to get back on its feet.