Blood test key to better cancer treatment | Western magazine

A simple blood test is hoped to represent “a new generation” of minimally invasive procedures to provide cancer patients with information to help them choose the best treatment.

Currently, there is “no reliable way” to predict whether a patient will respond better to chemotherapy, immunotherapy, or “any other therapy,” says Andreas Moller, associate professor at QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute.

“This blood test could quickly and accurately indicate the most effective treatment for a given patient,” he said.

The research is developed in partnership between the QIMR in Brisbane and the Swiss start-up Biopsomic.

At the heart are exosomes – tiny fluid-filled sacs that are excreted by tumor cells into the blood of patients.

They are essentially “miniature blueprints of what’s inside cancer cells” and provide insight into how cancer is likely to behave.

If the content suggests that a person’s cancer cells will not respond to a given therapy, then their clinician can explore more effective alternatives,” says Associate Professor Moller.

The research could represent “a new generation of minimally invasive, less expensive and accurate tests,” said Biopsomic co-founder and test co-inventor Dr. Antoine Leimgruber MD.

It aims to move away from “one size fits all, to improve outcomes for every patient and avoid unnecessary and potentially harmful interventions”.

Australian Associated Press