Biom launches sustainable household wipes – Nonwovens Industry Magazine

biom, a new brand that combines the power of good design with functionality to bring sustainable innovation to everyday wipes, has been launched. With biom, consumers can have confidence in the ingredients of their cleaning products, in addition to their impact on the environment.

While the pandemic has led to a 150% increase in the use of disinfectant wipes, consumers are unaware of the harm they cause. In addition to containing toxins, nearly 90% of wet wipes are made of non-recyclable plastic fibers that never break down, contributing to billions of pounds of plastic waste each year. biom’s offerings are plastic-free, plant-based (100% viscose), skin-friendly and biodegradable, containing all-natural fragrances derived from essential oils.

“I was shocked by what I learned once I started paying more attention to cleansing wipes, especially those from big name brands I had always trusted,” said Will Gahagan, co-founder and CEO of biom. “As I spoke with others about my findings regarding the plastic fibers and harmful toxins these products contained, it became apparent that the majority of consumers were unaware of how harmful the wipes can be to ourselves and the body. Our goal with biom is to encourage better habits by providing beautiful, human- and planet-friendly wiping options that people can actually believe in.”

The wipes industry has long lacked innovation – 80% of consumers hide their wipes somewhere out of sight due to their poor appearance. As a result, biom set out to reinvent the way consumers interact with wipes by developing an aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly refillable dispenser that minimizes plastic waste by 85%. biom’s easy-to-use dispenser fits elegantly into consumers’ lives by blending the ordinary with the exceptional.

“Common consumer issues and their environmental footprint really drove our creative design process,” adds biom co-founder Hank Schellenger. “biom’s refillable dispenser solves these frustrations with its functional elements that provide a pleasant user experience, in addition to significantly reducing plastic waste. Overall, biom aims to elevate the mundane aspects of everyday life – we hope that consumers will be delighted to consider our products an extension of their homes as they were made with the intention of enhancing the decor of any room.”

biom’s multipurpose and disinfectant starter kits are available from $39, which include a refillable dispenser and two wipe refills (just choose a wipe type and scent). The first two refills are free with the purchase of a subscription. The wipes come in packs of three and six. biom is on a mission to disrupt the wipes industry, starting with the following range of cleaning products on

Starter kits – Dispenser + 2 refill rolls of wipes

  • Refillable Dispenser: Biom’s patented and beautifully designed dispenser allows for optimal results – a fresh wipe is guaranteed with every use. Available in Sea Foam, Black, White and Hunter Green color options.
  • Sanitizing Wipes: Whether at home or on the go, these plant-based wipes will leave the office, bathroom, car, gym, and/or home entryway spotless. In addition, they are effective against 99.9% of germs. Available in Eucalyptus Chill and Bergamot Bloom scents.
  • ALL-PURPOSE CLEANING WIPES: Safe for surfaces around children and pets, these wipes are the perfect solution for the kitchen, playroom, living room, and/or bathroom. They will work hard to remove dirt and grime, leaving surfaces sparkling. Available in Lavender Ease and Grapefruit Zest scents.

To continue its annual commitment to prevent 45.5 tons of plastic (equivalent to 2.27 million single-use plastic bottles) from entering the ocean, biom has partnered with Plastic Bank, an organization that revolutionizes global recycling systems to create a regenerative and inclusive system. and the circular economy of plastic. As a result, biom has helped offset the equivalent of 2,272,700 500ml bottles from entering the ocean to date.