Behind her brand, launches a bi-monthly magazine to inspire women, showcasing the successes and struggles of women in business, careers, politics, and more.

The magazine showcases the resilience and determination of women in various fields of human endeavour, encouraging female readers to follow their example in their own lives.

Women often wonder how they can be successful in their careers and how to maintain their work-life balance. It seems difficult for women to break through the glass ceiling of the limitation of societal and self-beliefs and achieve high-level positions in various fields of endeavor. Although there has been a demand for gender equality and several movements to inspire women, there is still a lot to do as the world continues to be dominated by men.

On that note, Behind Her Brand, a bimonthly women-focused magazine to inspire women through the stories of other women, was launched. The magazine celebrates women who are taking giant leaps and contributing their quota to bettering their lives, families and society. Behind her brand is essentially about championing women in their different stages of being who they are while becoming who they are determined to be.

Speaking about the magazine, Kimberly DeShields-Spencer, Editor-in-Chief of Behind Her Brand magazine, said, “Behind Her Brand takes you on a journey of real-life lessons, obstacles, thought processes, disappointments and of the victories of successful women who have transformed their brand(s) and their careers into catalysts for their professional success. their successful parents.

Behind Her Brand is undoubtedly one of the best women’s magazines around. The magazine comes with a six-page spread for each featured woman. These women will be asked eight random questions aimed at learning more about their life journey. Additionally, they will be asked to explain five of their best practices, submit ten fun facts and photos to represent them. Every page of Behind Her Brand magazine is brimming with ideas for turning the average woman into a superhero.

Each woman featured in the magazine must complete the sentence “Behind my brand is…”. In addition to being a magazine, Behind Her Brand is also a community of women business owners and professionals who are risk-taking, creative, focused, family-oriented, goal-oriented and committed to building businesses and careers that bless their families and the community in which they find themselves.

One of the impressive features of Behind Her Brand magazine worth noting is its almost ad-free and content-driven structure. The magazine has space for female stars to write notes that form a diary-like item. It also features several QR codes that direct readers to videos and other visual content on the Behind Her Brand YouTube page. The magazine will be available at all Barnes & Noble and Books A Million stores from May.

About Kimberly DeShields-Spencer

Kimberly DeShields-Spencer is CEO and Founder of UImpact. Kimberly spent 25 years as a branding and marketing consultant. She’s mastered the art and knows how to tap into the heart of any brand, working with clients to position their business or organization for brand success. Kimberly is the Managing Editor of Behind Her Brand, a magazine that focuses on empowering women in their various stages to be exactly who they are while becoming exactly who they are determined to be.

For more information, visit or follow Behind Her Brand on Instagram and subscribe to his YouTube channel.

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