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The American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) Conference on Regulatory Priorities in the Natural Products Market will take place on November 15th and it’s not too late to register for this virtual event!

The AHPA Regulatory Congress will provide the latest updates and guidance on issues affecting the regulatory landscape of the dietary supplement and natural product industries.

AHPA and industry experts will cover broad topics, such as the need to modernize dietary supplement regulations, and topics as recent as the impact of last week’s midterm election results. :

  • Modernization of the regulation of food supplements: President of APSA Michael McGuffin will be joined by Gretchen DuBeau of the Alliance for Natural Health and Joshua M. Sharfstein of the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to discuss which regulations work for dietary supplements, areas in need of urgent improvement and changes. to existing regulations. actually benefit consumers.
  • Mid-term election results: A new congress offers new challenges and opportunities for the herbal products industry. Michael McGuffin and AHPA National Legislative Consultant Pete Evich will discuss the ramifications of the 2022 midterm election results on the Mandatory Product List, environmental legislation, FDA structure, and US legislative priorities. AHPA in 2023.
  • Reg speaks: In these brief, lightning-style updates, inspired by the brevity and subject-focus of TED talks, attendees will learn necessary insights from subject matter experts on a variety of many important regulatory issues for the complement. food and natural. product industries, including California Proposition 65 and the Mandatory Product List.

For those unable to attend live, session recordings will be available for all registered attendees to watch on demand after the event is over. to ensure that all congress content and information is easily accessible and searchable, so don’t miss it!

Register here.

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