Adobe Expands Substance 3D Portfolio and Announces Meta Collaboration

Adobe has beefed up its Substance 3D suite of tools, while also announcing a multi-year collaboration with Meta.

New innovations include an improved Substance 3D Sampler, which is now able to use photogrammetry technology to produce 3D models directly from real images.

Substance 3D Modeler, which is designed to make sculpting 3D objects and scenes easy and intuitive, is also generally available to users, while Adobe has launched a new Substance 3D sustainability calculator to reduce carbon emissions and the resources consumed by traditional product photo shoots.

Vice President and Head of 3D and Metaverse Sebastien Deguy said the new features will make creating 3D content “easier and more accessible than ever”.

“The brand’s investment in 3D and immersive content creation capabilities has exploded over the past year,” he said.

“At Adobe, our mission is to support creatives and brands as they transition to new mediums, including immersive experiences.”

Enhancements to the Substance 3D collection include:

  • 3D modeler of substances: The 3D asset creation tool allows artists and product designers to switch seamlessly between using desktop computers and VR headsets with handheld controllers. Modeler speeds up and simplifies the process of sharing ideas in 3D, using a “hands-on” approach.
  • Adobe Substance 3D Sampler: Now available in beta, Adobe’s new 3D capture feature allows creators to quickly turn physical objects into digital assets. Using artificial intelligence and photogrammetry technologies, anyone can use an existing camera or image set to capture a real-world object, then leverage Adobe Substance 3D Sampler to generate a textured 3D model . Even novice 3D designers can use 3D Capture to quickly produce basic 3D models and textures without having to learn traditional technical modeling workflows.
  • Apple silicon: Substance 3D tools now take advantage of Apple Silicon chips (including M1 and M2 series), offering speed and stability improvements for Mac users.
  • Integration of Adobe Aero iOS App Clips: Adobe Aero-based experiences on iOS devices can now use App Clips, making it faster to display AR experiences without requiring viewers to download apps.

Additionally, Adobe and Meta are collaborating to integrate Substance 3D Modeler and an upcoming collaborative review application directly into Meta’s Quest platform, kicking off a multi-year commitment to bring more Adobe Substance 3D technology to Meta Quest owners, including new VR document productivity workflows. .