Abbie Chatfield slams Andrew Tate on The Project


As the panel discussed Andrew Tate’s popularity and power over The projectthe conversation quickly turned to Abbie’s own experience on Tik Tok, with the podcast host and reality TV star revealing she had been directly influenced by its rising popularity.

“I feel like I really want to ignore it. I want to smother it with all the oxygen in the media, because the more I engage with its content – even to research, for a radio segment – if I watch its TikToks, or if it’s tagged in a TikTok and I watch it for too long, that feeds the algorithm and it further feeds my followers and the followers who are already engaging with that content,” she explained during of the show.

“It’s getting a little too big to ignore now. But I’m still afraid that if I talk about it to my followers or my listeners, it won’t come to anything. I’m sure my listeners already feel that, they agree that yes, he’s disgusting, he’s awful.

Abbie Chatfield


Abbie also revealed that her own online experience has “absolutely” been influenced by Tate.

“I get DMs from what appear to be young teenagers saying, ‘I hope Andrew Tate destroys you,’ or things like that.”

“I also get comments calling me ‘Abbie Tate’ and comments on TikTok in particular. That’s where it’s really, really prevalent.

Abbie Chatfield


Abbie further explained how Andrew Tate’s rise to popularity on platforms such as Tik Tok is proof of a double standard when it comes to content moderation.

“I upload a TikTok in a white jersey, with a bra on, and it’s deleted in a minute, wouldn’t even come up. But there are countless videos of him saying that women are property, and extremely vile and misogynistic things.”

“How can this slip through the cracks, but I, in a jersey, can’t? »

The hypocrisy of gender standards in content moderation made headlines last week after Tommy Lee’s nude image sat on Instagram for six hours.

While many were quick to laugh and share the full frontal photo – which was simply captioned “Oooops” – many pointed to the clear double standard in Instagram’s censorship policies.