Aardman Launches New Branding, Logo and Website for the New Year

Multi-award-winning independent animation studio Aardman today launched a new visual identity, including an updated logo, to celebrate the company’s heritage, its future and the team behind its work – from development and from production to operations, sales and marketing teams who all play a vital role in the success of the studio.

The launch includes an all-new website that showcases the studio’s work and those who do it, as well as the employees who find new ways to showcase the studio’s brands to fans and contribute to a culture that nurtures creative excellence, including supporting diverse and emerging animation talents.

Developed in-house, the new visual identity reflects Aardman’s growing range of projects and its place in the modern entertainment landscape, while maintaining its unique personality and celebrating its history.

“This new visual identity, logo and website is a perfect reflection of where the studio is in 2022 – with a full slate of diverse content in production, featuring both our beloved characters and a brand new IP,” said Sean Clarke, general manager. “Together, they honor our history in clay stop-motion animation, while celebrating the wide range of creative and technically innovative work we create today across a range of exciting mediums and new platforms.”


The new logo was designed by Aardman director and designer Gavin Strange. With softer, more rounded edges, it’s an evolution of the version it replaces, modernized and updated while retaining the essentials of its predecessor. The star, a long-standing feature of the logo, is neat and now has wider application, including as a porthole through which to introduce characters on social media and other channels.

A new fingerprint pattern pays homage to the studio’s clay animation roots while acknowledging its more recent and upcoming work in other media. The fingerprints represent both the studio’s culture as well as its employee ownership model, introduced in 2018. Corporate typography and color palettes have also been updated to better and more flexibly serve the range of projects that the company produces.

The launch of the new visual identity coincides with the relaunch of Aardman’s website, developed by digital agency true, also based in Bristol. The new site is simpler and more intuitive, allowing visitors to find the content and contacts they need more quickly. It features curated selections of Aardman’s work, showcases its culture and values, and highlights the faces behind the studio. In addition to its primary function as a business-to-business website, it will also serve to attract new talent.

Clarke continued: “This new branding is a reminder that from its local roots in the South West of England, the studio competes internationally with the biggest in the business, thanks to an incredible team of creatives, producers, artists. , sales and marketing experts and operational brains. This paves the way for a prosperous future in which we continue to bring the most captivating and inspiring stories to audiences of all ages, everywhere.

These launches follow a successful 2021 for the company, which culminated in the release of robin robin on Netflix, recently shortlisted for an Oscar and shortlisted for a BAFTA in the categories of animated shorts, and Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas, which premiered in the UK on BBC One on Christmas Eve and was repeated on Christmas Day.

Visit the new website at aardman.com