AACTA Announces Reinvented Digital Award Categories

This year’s AACTA Awards will feature a suite of revamped categories focused on the digital/online space, with nominations now open for Favorite Digital Creator, Best Short Video and Best Digital Channel or Series.

The AACTA Award for Best Short Video is open to content under 90 seconds, while Best Digital Channel or Series will reward channels and web series featuring content longer than 90 seconds and updated regularly. This covers drama, video podcasts, comedy, beauty, education, gaming, sports and wellness, kids and family, commentary, reviews, how-to, feedback, challenges and the music.

The Favorite Digital Creator award will be featured as part of the People’s Choice Awards, with more details to be announced soon.

AACTA also welcomed TikTok and NextGen Media Academy as sponsors of this year’s digital categories.

Ivan Vukusic, director of awards and industry development at AACTA, said Australia has some of the most popular online and digital creators in the world.

“Ozzy Man Reviews, The Unemployed Inspired Boys, Millie Ford, Sarah Magusara, Fairbairn Films, Norris Nuts and many more are becoming household names,” he said.

“With the support of TikTok and NextGen Media Academy, we couldn’t be happier to shine a light on the limitless possibilities of the online space and celebrate screen support that spans every corner of the globe.”

TikTok chief executive Lee Hunter said the platform was delighted to partner with an awards organization that celebrated “some of Australia’s most popular digital creators”.

“It is both a privilege and an honor for TikTok to be a sponsor of the AACTA Digital Award categories this year,” he said.

Digital prize entries close Oct. 6, with voting Oct. 10-17. Find out more information on how to enter here.