A Conversation with Whitney Marston Pierce — Flaunt Magazine

What is the intersection between music/festivals/djing and well-being? And what do you do to connect the two?

We work with a lot of people in the music industry because, of course, that’s where I’m from, and it’s a really cool way for you to chill with a calm or get excited with a energy, without killing you inside. And certainly with the change in consciousness and self-care that came with Covid, and which was already brewing, it’s nice to have an alcohol-free and drug-free alternative. Because all of our stuff is made of aminos, it’s nothing crazy. It’s aminos, vitamins, and we have nootropics, which are minimal, and herbs. I’ve never been a fan of supplements, or even vitamins, but after trying them, I was like “oh shit”.

We also sponsored a few music festivals, and what was really interesting was that an entire festival was alcohol-free. They didn’t sell alcohol. Obviously they didn’t sell drugs, but they did have alternative cocktails, nutrition bars, and supplements. And they had sound baths and yoga. And I know it’s very LA, but I feel like it’s becoming more global. I’m from LA, so I can say that.

Sitting around the music industry, nightclubs and festivals, I feel like it’s really important to have a healthy but still fun alternative. Sobriety might sound boring, and I’m not saying be sober, but drink a ton then take an energy, and it’s way better than Redbull or worse.

As a DJ, my idea was: to make people feel good, and it’s similar in that sense. I mean as a DJ you are more the bandleader and react to energy and vibes, but that kind of stuff can produce good vibes. And having been in the music industry for so long, I know people burn out, get sober, or die, like those are your 3 options in nightlife. There are very few people who can sustain a healthy relationship with nightlife long term, but this is a good option to help you do that. Sure, I’m not trying to breathe someone else’s breath right now, like having fun in your club, I’ll send you drugs. I think it’s really important to feel physically good about yourself in this kind of space. And feel confident and calm. As cool as drugs are, and they are very cool, they are not good for you. It’s not a realizable relationship. So having a natural alternative and being able to bring it into the community is a gift. Let’s feel better together.

How did you go from being a DJ to working for Synergic?

My personal slogan is “The brand boss for a better world”. It describes me. So I was accidentally in marketing since I was 15, not for real, but now looking back, I’m like, ‘Oh, I was writing commercials for my mom’s boyfriend’s hotel when I was a child.” In my previous life, and still today in some ways, I was a consultant. I walk into a company and tell them how to look cool, which is great because right now looking cool is about being good for the environment and being good for yourself . Because we’re in the middle of capitalist hell, I want to make sure the people selling our shit are at least trying to be good. And then I also think, when you look back, that it was a common thread through all my customers. I always want to move brands to a place that helps the world and helps people, so I think maybe it’s a product of my crazy, crazy life. Having been all over the world and having met a lot of different people and places, I just want to preserve the beauty that I have been a part of for the future. ‘Cause shit is cool but we smash it full speed ahead.